CryptoXpress Launches Flights – Book Travel in the All-In-One App

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Ready, set, fly. CryptoXpress is taking off to new heights by changing the way our users travel for the better. We are thrilled to announce that users can now purchase domestic and international flights with fiat and cryptocurrencies directly in the mobile app. Simply connect your centralised wallet or your decentralised wallet and you’re good to go.

This is a significant step forward for CryptoXpress and brings our experience one step closer to becoming the bridge between crypto and everyday life. By making it easier for users to purchase flights with cryptocurrency, CryptoXpress is helping to bring cryptocurrencies into the mainstream and make them a more accessible form of payment.

All-in-one experience

CryptoXpress bridges the gap by consolidating the best technologies for NFTs, cryptocurrencies, payments and transfers into one best-in-class digital experience. Through the app, anyone interested in investing in crypto is no longer limited by the high learning curve due to an intuitive interface and focused user journey. Now, with flight bookings added, CryptoXpress strengthens its retail experience with many more additions to come!

Greater flexibility

The new feature provides users with greater flexibility when it comes to payment options. With the ability to purchase flights using both fiat currency and cryptocurrencies, users have the ability to choose the payment method that is most convenient for them, whether it is their credit card, bank transfers, or crypto wallets!

How does it work?

Simply connect your centralised wallet, such as from Binance, or your decentralised wallet, like a MetaMask wallet, and you’re good to start browsing flights! After connecting your wallet, the rest of the experience is just like booking on any other travel portal. Enter your personal details, pay, and get set for your trip!

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